Ft. Sumter: The Last of Charleston

After we left Drayton Hall, we stopped at The Crab Shack for some crab stuffed mushrooms and a bucket of steamed oysters, shrimp and king crab. Yum!
The last day we rode the ferry to Ft. Sumter, the strategic island in Charleston Harbor that played such an important role in the Civil War. More war stuff, I know. I have  yet to tour a peace memorial. It was interesting though. Built by slaves and rebuilt and maintained by them during the siege lasting 57 days, it was the last brick fort built due to the fact that the armament had “improved” to the point that bricks were basically reduced to rubble. That is pretty much the shape the Fort is in now, with the outer walls standing but not much else. A few cannons and the museum clarified the events that took place there.
Munitions storage
Union shell embedded in fort wall
Black Union soldiers

And this also made it clear why the South lost the war. They had slaves to do everything for them instead of doing anything themselves. When that system started to collapse more blacks were fighting for the Union, not building Confederate forts amidst shelling and death. Clearly the energy was misplaced.

The ferry ride was interesting though and you can get a good look at the placement of the forts in the harbor and their geographical importance. The sky was pretty too.
Back on land we walked to Slightly North of Broad to eat but they had no outdoor seating and really steep prices. Like $45 for an entree. We ended up at The Noisy Oyster in the French Quarter for more seafood and libations. Oysters Rockefeller, Buffalo oysters and seafood soups.
Around Charleston on the way back to the car. Love the alligator guy.
IMG_5949 IMG_5951
IMG_5954  DSC_9592
IMG_5961 The bicycle taxis had some cool graphics on their garage wall. The bike taxi guys were great; young skinny guys hauling around old fat tourists. I hope they tipped well.

From here we are off to Cheraw State Park in South Carolina where we will plug in and give the batteries a good soak. We’ve been boondocking since Georgia and the generator gets them almost fully charged but not quite. There is a lake there and bike trails but rain is predicted.

Update: We are at Cheraw State Park now and it did pour down rain for the first three days. Tomorrow we are making our way up the road to the Elks Lodge in Raleigh, North Carolina which is conveniently located very near an extensive bike trail system. We will lay low for the holiday weekend and Jim’s birthday before we continue on to the Virginia Capitol Trail for another 60 miles or so.

And the batteries did charge after an anxious day where the invertor did not seem to be functioning, on our 30 AMP service or the generator. Needless to say, Jim had a few anxious moments hours over that but after some research and a hard reset it came back to normal. Whew!


One comment on “Ft. Sumter: The Last of Charleston

  1. If you ever saw the movie, Glory, with Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick, it tells the story of the all black regiment from Massachusetts who fought for the union at that battle in SC (at least I think it was that battle). incredibly moving and well done movie.

    Is Jim going to stop in and say hello to his former colleagues. There are fewer and fewer of them there I think these days. Everyone getting the itch to retire if they can afford the healthcare costs before Medicare Age. I have 1 year 5 months till then and can hardly wait!

    Enjoy your trip up to Raleigh. I know exactly where Cheraw is. Got married there in 1974 when I was young and naive but thought I knew what to do with the rest of my life. Boy, did that not happen.

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