Eating Our Way Up the Eastern Shore

After we finished provisioning we took off for Earleville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to meet up with Sue and Richie for a few days of eating, drinking, good conversation and the natives’ look at the area. They moved their motorhome so we had a very good spot for the bus with 15 amp electric, enough to power everything we needed. Even make ice!

We started off the visit by eating a delicious dinner of roast beef, potatoes and asparagus, all favorites. The asparagus was from the local Amish and we made a note to visit the market while we were there. The next day commenced with a bar hop/crab crawl to several different spots, seeing the landscape and area history along the way.
IMG_6241  IMG_6246
Crabby Dicks for mussels, crab balls, clams and shrimp.
We polished off a huge platter of crab, mussels, shrimp, and clams at Woody’s in North East.
The next day. Lunch at Fishwhistles was fish and chips, salmon and more crab.

When we weren’t eating out, we were eating in. Richie was a cook in the military and it shows! He made us several delicious breakfasts of bacon, Amish eggs, pancakes and muffins. Sue made her famous chipped beef biscuits and gravy. And the Philly Cheese Steaks were some of the best I’ve ever had. Even in Philly!
They make these cool custom serving trays/spoon rests out of bottles. All shapes and sizes. The labels are removed, the bottles prepped and fired in the kiln, then the labels are re-attached. A store in Chesterton had a good sampling of them.

The Eastern Shore is rural and picturesque and we got to see quite a bit of it.
Around Chesterton…
IMG_6359  IMG_6365
IMG_6253 IMG_6361IMG_6363
We went to the local Amish produce farm and bought asparagus, tomatoes, eggs, strawberries, snap peas and baked goods. Everything was fresh and delicious and they had some of the biggest lily blooms I have ever seen. All the fields worked by horses, a big barn full of them.

Sue is a kitty lover too; she lost her girl, Dharma, last year. Now she is slowly befriending a notched ear feral cat she calls Big Boy. He is a real paw kneader and is getting pretty friendly. Especially when you feed him.

They have lots of unusual art; Sue is a potter as well as doing the glass thing. Their house and gardens are colorful and quirky. Every plate and coffee cup was made by Sue, even the cat dishes! When Sue mentioned that she saw a frog’s face in these kitchen stained glass panels, that was all I could see too.
IMG_6302  IMG_6305
IMG_6235  IMG_6237
When Sue offered her washer and dryer, we demurred until she said, “Look. You’d do the same thing for us, right?” Of course we would! So we did laundry too.

We went up to the local bar right up the street so we could see “Richie’s bar.”
IMG_6328 IMG_6331
IMG_6325  IMG_6329
We just had one drink because we had more eating to do! That night we cooked steaks and made mashed potatoes. And Sue made broccoli and ice cream with Amish strawberries. The night was a little chilly so Richie got out some of his cool hats and we had some fun in The Man Hole.
Wendy & Jim visit May 2017 010 (Small)
Full moon with palm tree
IMG_6468  IMG_6469
We love spending time with our Texas friends one-on-one. Or two-on-two. It’s fun and gratifying to get to know people better and see their surroundings and area through their eyes. We are fortunate to have the locals guide us toward things we might not see otherwise.

How can we thank these guys enough? We had a wonderful visit filled with laughter, conversation and  fun, not just eating, but there was lots of that too. As Richie said, “When you come here, you eat.” Thank you, thank you, Sue and Richie, so much for your warm and genuine hospitality. Are we lucky or what?

Wendy & Jim visit May 2017 024 (Small)
The next morning after another fortifying breakfast, we hit the road for Philadelphia. Even though it is only about 60 miles to our friend Michael’s place, it is smack in the middle of the city with some narrow streets and traffic stopping necessary to back the bus into the driveway. Across the Bay Bridge we go!


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