In the Garden

We settled into Michael’s beautiful, private back garden in Philadelphia for almost two weeks before my Antique Oldsmobile convention just down the road in Reading.

Our spot in the back garden for the bus. We love this place because we get to spend time with Michael! The kitties love it too. They drag their strings around the yard and chase the chipmunks. Tikita even caught one! When I saw Carmella zoom over I knew there had to be a bird or critter involved. At first it appeared injured but he scooted away and up a tree as soon as we intervened. Those darn cats!

Michael has a large yard and garden and pool with lots of upkeep so we offered our services, as usual. He and Jim did a couple of fencing projects. Jim mowed and weed whipped and I helped weed garden beds and get the pool back in shape after some repairs due to a leak. Vacuuming and the right mix of chemicals brought it back to life and we christened it by being the first ones in this year! Lovely and refreshing as always.

The first weekend we were there we attended Eveningsong Trinity at the Episcopal Cathedral in Philadelphia. If you were in Philly and missed it, you lost out. Michael is in the choir and the cathedral is gorgeous with lots of stained and painted glass. The music was ethereal and lovely. You can hear their unusual rendition of Amazing Grace here. And as Michael said, “Not the television version either…”
IMG_7553  IMG_7048
My sister Tina lives nearby and dropped off some roses from her garden one night while we were doing something else. Later in the week she came over to the bus for Happy Hour in the evening. We munched on crackers, cheese, olive tapenade, shrimp, Michael’s quince chutney and guacamole. No dinner that night! We took some selfies. Practice obviously needed!

She has been taking art classes and brought some recent paintings along. These are gouache.

Not sure of orientation of ones with no signature. Colorful indeed.

Speaking of art, Michael’s house and garden abounds with it. A brief walk-through. A picture around every corner.


Michael was having some work done on the house and we got to see the finished product.

We enjoyed some fabulous meals including pot roast with mashed potatoes and Amish asparagus, salmon steaks with melon and squash and roast chicken with more asparagus. Michael is an extraordinary chef. He made raspberry cobbler from his own raspberries and cherry pie! We also enjoyed Vietnamese food and Philly Cheese Steaks. The morning we left we had the Randy Dalton Memorial Breakfast with huckleberry pancakes, Pennsylvania maple syrup, bacon and lots of coffee. Our only wish was that Randy could have enjoyed it with us.

After the breakfast we said our goodbyes. We hated to leave but it is time to move on to Reading and the National Antique Oldsmobile Club Annual Convention. It’s always a busy time as Editor and designer of the monthly magazine but we had the best respite beforehand!

Michael’s apron was perfect! Edited for family viewing.

We love spending time with Michael; he is a gracious and elegant host. We can’t thank him enough. We tried though.



One comment on “In the Garden

  1. Very nice to see all the pic,s of everyone , and all the kitties, We also had a great time , together , So glad I got to see both of my sisters, Like having Christmas with the whole family ,, What a blessing .. Take care…

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