Oldsmobiles. Lots of Them…

We made the short hop from Philadelphia to Reading and set up in the trailer parking lot for the annual National Antique Oldsmobile Club convention. My buddy and Meet Host Paul did a great job on the meet, the biggest and best in my history as Editor.

Into every car show a little rain must fall…

We joined a tour of a private collection of horse drawn carriages and cars. The building itself was a work of art. We tagged along with President Jim for the day. He was driving his dad’s 1957 Oldsmobile that Dad bought new. Jim has lots of Oldsmobiles and rotates them regularly. We have gotten to ride in several of them now. The Wall Street Journal sent a photographer to the show to shoot this car.
The forecast called for nice weather except for Saturday, the big day of the show and the judging; it called for 100% rain. Boo! Fortunately, the rain switched days and Saturday was beautiful. Stormy skies over the trailer lot on Friday evening.

This gentleman was a delight to meet and talk with. Ninety one years young, Ron had a constant smile on his face. Such a great attitude. He recently lost his wife and a few years ago his garage burned, taking with it six beautifully restored Oldsmobiles. He brought these two to the show, the 1966 was driven by his 19 year old grandson. He bought both of these cars new and the 1950 won the prestigious Helen Earley award. He told me that he has started another project and can’t “kick off” until it is finished! Look for an in depth story on him in a future issue of the magazine. A real inspiration.

More Oldsmobiles:

The first day we were in Reading our friends Bob and Cindy came over to the bus for a visit. They live nearby in the summer and we plan to spend a couple of days with them after the show.


3 comments on “Oldsmobiles. Lots of Them…

  1. Great blog Wendy, I had a ’56 Olds 88 with the 98 motor, great car got about 3 – 4 miles per gallon LOL, Tony

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