More Fun With Friends

While we in Reading for the Oldsmobile show, we met up with Bob and Cindy who spend the summer right down the road. They picked us up at the bus and we headed for Goggleworks, a working artist studio and exhibition space built in the old lens factory. We had a tour, of sorts, and then explored on our own.

This is a technique I hadn’t seen before. Looks different from each side.
I don’t know what medium this was but I liked it enough to make wallpaper on my phone.
I’m pretty sure this wooden hat was made by a guy who attended my sister’s wedding, Patrick McBride.
The campus
Goofing around with the art
These silverware creatures were cool. Something else I’d never seen. I bought this guy.

Cindy packed us all a lunch and we headed for the park to eat chicken salad and drink wine before driving up to see the famous Reading Pagoda. It was built in the early 1900s but never got off the ground due to the lack of a liquor license. Not sure I would want to be driving Skyline Drive afterwards…

Other friends from our Winter Texas days, Mary and John, were passing through on their 5000 mile motorcycle tour and we all hooked up with Sue and Richie again for a dinner at the Peanut Bar in Reading. Recommended by Bob, it did not disappoint.  The Crabacado Salad was super delicious, filled with crab and avocado, two of my favorite things. I was hoping to eat there again so I could have another one!

The gang:
And again, outside. Taken by Richie’s new buddy, Sly
IMG_7354  IMG_7357
After the Oldsmobile meet wrapped up, we stocked up on supplies and re-positioned ourselves a whopping 15 miles to spend a few days with Bob and Cindy. Cindy fed us fabulous food, shrimp and pasta, happy hour treats and delicious burgers. We hung out at the pool, played with Bailey, their kitty and laughed and laughed. Bailey is a cutie. And a talker.
IMG_7438 IMG_7449
These burgers were super delicious.

Eye Dr. Bob even squeezed me in for an appointment and new prescription. He was thorough and explained everything. What a guy! Cindy took us to the Amish Farmer’s market where you can buy everything under the sun. We got corn on the cob, strawberries, asparagus and free range eggs. We ate lunch, then braved the once weekly traffic getting out.

We ate out our last night at Riviera’s Italian Restaurant. The lasagna was sky high but the air conditioning was too. Even Cindy was cold! The little Dutch girl…
We ended up staying an extra day because we were striking out on places to move to. With the holiday coming up, we didn’t want to be in a state park or campground. What we found was booked. As Bob said, “You’re on the east coast now.”  It was looking pretty bleak finding a place to park along the Schuylkill River bike trail until Paul mentioned the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail a little farther west.

We called all the city parks and campgrounds. The city parks don’t allow parking and the nearest campground was fully booked and several no-shoulder-two-lane and hilly miles from the trail. What to do?

One of the park ladies suggested a nearby spot in Lebanon and I got the OK from the Executive Director to come ahead. When we got there I went in to pay and mentioned that we would like to stay through the holiday weekend since we had struck out everywhere else. He hesitated, saying, “We’re not really a campground…” and started to pull out his phonebook to help me find one.

I explained that we had already tried them all with no luck. Even though I offered to pay in full right then, he just said, “Let’s see how it goes.” He also said no campfires but we never do that anyway. I guess he wanted to reserve the right to kick us out. I told him we were just a couple of senior citizens who wanted to ride the trail. True dat.


Our spot


On the fence


A boy and his cat

We have had some interesting weather while here too. Beautiful skies.
He showed us where the trail backed right up to the park and we have already ridden about 70 miles. We’re still here so I guess we get to stay. This is a great spot to take the kitties out and quiet, just one other camper in the whole field. Whew! Thanks so much, Mr. Kerwin.

We enjoyed our in-depth look at the Reading area by the locals; we are always so grateful to have the natives show us around. Many thanks to Cindy and Bob for a good look at this beautiful part of Pennsylvania.

Next up: The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail.

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