The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail

Once we secured our spot for the holiday weekend it was time to ride! We got in over 70 miles on this trail, riding to the end in both directions. It connects up with the Conewago Recreation Trail on the tail end and that added another 10 miles to the ride.

This part of Pennsylvania is beautiful with lots of stone houses and barns dotting the rolling hills. We enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday with barbecued hamburgers and ever changing skies.
DSC_0199  DSC_0198

One night we met up with the Oldsmobile folks for a delicious dinner at the Blue Bird Bistro, in a building that has operated continuously as a tavern since the early 1800s.

The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail
The Conewago Trail

The dappled light on the trail made it easier to see without my sunglasses but after about 70 miles over a few days, my eye was swollen and itchy.  Oh no, not again! The morning we left we went to the local urgent care center to get it checked out. Didn’t want to take any chances. The Med Express in Lebanon restored my faith in Urgent Care and Physician Assistants. It turned out I had a corneal abrasion from getting something in my eye on the trail. They fixed me up with antibiotic drops and I was in and out in an hour! The moral of the story: Be ye not so stupid; wear sunglasses!

With our excellent parking spot, a great trail and a positive eye outcome, Lebanon was a memorable stop. Thanks to Mr. Kerwin, Heather Bailey and all who helped make it happen.

After an overnight at Lowe’s in Milford, we set course for the Elks Lodge in Poughkeepsie, New York which just happens to back up to the Hudson Valley and Dutchess Rail Trails. Wearing my sunglasses this time!



One comment on “The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail

  1. try Safety glasses too. hardware stores have them. I got them for pruning, to avoid the eye hospital a second time.

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