Pedaling and Partying in Poughkeepsie

Across the Hudson River we go!
We made the trip from Milford to Poughkeepsie and got settled in at the Elks Lodge. The lodge backs up to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Dutchess Rail Trail and the views from the Walkway over the Hudson were amazing!
DSC_0239  DSC_0226

The Elks had a pizza/calzone dinner night and we took advantage; both unique and excellent. They warned us that they were having a big motorcycle rally that weekend and that there would be lots of bikes. And there were! When we got back from our second day of riding, the parking lot was packed and Elks were taking advantage of the shade our awning provided. So we joined them, of course.

More trail scenes…

This trail is well used and we saw bikers, walkers and skaters of all ages. We got in about 45 miles, riding to both ends of the Dutchess Rail Trail and The Hudson Valley Rail Trail. Plus we got to meet and visit with more Elks, some of the nicest people there are!

Next: On to Massachusetts for a few nights with Elsie and John.

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