The Erie Canal Heritage Trail

From Nelliston we motored over past Rochester to Brockport, New York. They have an Elks Lodge there, #2110 and we settled in. We had the whole lot and a park-like setting to ourselves. Astrid even came out and hung around on her leash. This is real progress! Carmella caught three mice. Did we mention how we love the Elks?

The next morning we got the bikes out and headed toward Hulberton, about 22 miles. This trail is a towpath trail right along the canal so it was nice to ride along the canal. There are drawbridges, beautiful gardens and lots of little villages to explore.

I had set my sights on eating at the local Lebanese restaurant; they consistently got five stars on Yelp. When we got back to Brockport we were starving and prepared to feast. Unfortunately the guy there said they could make us a salad but they had no pita bread. And Pita was the name of the restaurant! He said he would have some in an hour but we couldn’t wait so we went to a burger joint up the street. Their restroom doors:

The next day it rained so we didn’t go back but the third day we did and they were closed! Note on the door “Sorry!” Grrr. We never did get to eat there. But we did have good sandwiches at the Barber’s Grill and Taproom.
Some scenes along the canal. This place had one of the most spectacular gardens ever! Mr. Buck Noble came over to chat. Hi Buck!


This part of New York is truly beautiful. Lush and green with dramatic skies. And the bike trails go on for hundreds of miles!

Toward Spencerport:

From Brockport we made our way to another Elks Lodge right on Lake Erie. Sunset the first night:

Next stop: Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

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