Long Live Rock!

From New York we headed for Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jim found RV parking by the Browns’ Stadium just a short walk from the Hall. I don’t really have a Bucket List but The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is definitely a Bucket List item for anybody our age. Ahem.

There was about three acres of parking and very few parked there. Perfect! We walked to a nearby watering hole for Happy Hour and settled in for the evening on our return.

About 2:00 AM we were awakened by three buses who parked surrounding us! Like I said, there were about three acres of parking but they had to be right by us. Why do people do this? And their engines were left running. I went and knocked on the door of the closest one and asked if they were planning to run their engines all night since the diesel was coming in the windows. The guy was a total jerk and got abusive and profane. I suggested that maybe they could go to another part of the lot. He refused. He said they paid $100 to park there (it was only $25) and he would park where he pleased. He was swearing up a storm! The next thing we knew a bunch of cop cars swooped in. I got out and explained the situation and told them they guy was being a threatening and profane jerk. We ended up moving our bus to another part of the lot. They were still there in the morning, engines running.

Most of the people we encounter in the bus are really nice and friendly so this was different. I was glad the police came though; they figured out right away that we were not causing the problem.

Anyway, the Hall… They did a great job of explaining the history of Rock and Roll from Robert Johnson, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and all the others who shaped the genre. There are all kinds of interactive displays and of course, music everywhere.

They were preparing a special exhibit on Johnny Cash. He had a 1979 MCI, just two years older than ours! I like ours better.

From the Summer of Love Turns 50. Love that genre of graphics…

Seeing the clothes was interesting too, not just because some were totally outrageous but a lot of these people, including Elvis, were really small.

One of the most interesting exhibits was the 50 years of Rolling Stone magazine. The inception, development and literary and investigative essence of rock and roll’s journey was unique. I remember lots of them.
When we got back to the bus the other buses were gone. Whew! We moved to a nearby Walmart in Avon, Ohio for the night. We were preparing to go to Norwalk Elks to ride the North Coast Inland Trail even though the trail was a ways from the Lodge.

When I came back from shopping Jim said he had found us a better place to stay, the city park in Fremont, right on the same trail! Free, quiet and safe. Sometimes it pays to not have a plan.

One comment on “Long Live Rock!

  1. sounds like things are normal there too, Good pics Hope you guys are having the nice weather too. take care , love Cherie

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