The North Coast Inland Trail

Once Jim got permission from the Fremont, Ohio Mayor’s office, we set up camp in the East Side Park, right next to the North Coast Inland Trail. We planned to stay for a few days and were all stocked up from our re-positioning day, fuel, groceries, ice, liquor; check!

Oh Ohio! Our parking spot was close to the railroad tracks but not as close as in Nelliston, New York where the trains were long, loud and constant. The cats ventured outside here but they could always tell when the train was coming; you feel it before you hear it. Trains are good cat control.

We rode about 26 miles to Lindsey and back the first day. The trail had just been resurfaced and it was like a superhighway. With lots of good old Midwestern skies to go along with it. And corn! I had fun fooling around with panoramas, down to up and side to side. The sky was magnificent!

The next day was also a gorgeous day so we rode to the end of the trail to Bellevue and back, about 28 miles. Part of this section was right along the tracks so, yeah, more graffiti.

The city of Clyde, Ohio has really rolled out the red carpet for trail riders, they have gazebos and flowers and lots of places to stop and rest. It’s kind of funny that this is a rails-to-trails bike path but another railroad runs right alongside. From the historical markers on many of the trails, the competing railroads each laid their own track. Talk about a chance to cooperate… Naw.

For my buddy Paul

We had planned to leave today anyway but since it was Monday there was more activity in the park and a few worker’s trucks came to check out the bus. While we were having breakfast, we got a visit from the Parks Director who told us, “You can’t camp here.” We explained that we had gotten permission from the Mayor’s office but no go. We were planning to leave anyway so no harm done and we had a great weekend stay. We ate some good Mexican food, toured the historic houses on Hayes Street and rode by the Rutherford Hayes Presidential Library but didn’t visit it. I have actually never been to a Presidential Library. Maybe that would be a good theme to take up after we have ridden all the bike trails.

Tonight we are in Lafayette, Indiana, making our way back to mid Missouri for the total solar eclipse August 21. We have a great camping spot at Eric and Marni’s place right on the Katy Trail and Sandy and Carl will be joining us.

Before that we will hit Kansas City to see Jim’s dad, practice yoga with Emily and catch up with friends. We will be there for First Friday where they are having a street art paint event. Maybe we should take the bus… Nope.

2 comments on “The North Coast Inland Trail

  1. Hi Wendy, you guys are having way too much fun!

    I’m still interested in finding out your thoughts on selling your lot at Portillas? 43, right? I’m selling a portion of my farm here in Delaware in order to make some other investments with greater potential. Our lots do not quite fit that category like several others I have on the table, but I also feel a degree of responsibility for your decision to purchase there. I would not be able to pay any more than current market value, so depending on your understanding of current market conditions down there, it may not seem as if I’m doing you any kind of favor.

    Just getting ready to talk to my old partners about buying them out and felt that now would be a good time for us to talk.

    Sincerely, Vance

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Is the parks director under the mayors authority ? It’s funny how one bearaucrat will say yes while another says no. And they try to use you as a pawn with internal authority struggles of local government.

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