Whirlwind Week!

We planned some time in Kansas City to see Jim’s dad, keep appointments, shop and restock and visit with friends and family. Celebrate my birthday. Eat some barbecue. And have some downtime. That’s not too much, right? We planned to stay in our usual spot at the Elks in Grandview where we and the cats have the place to ourselves. We were also expecting mail and packages there. And there’s fresh catnip too.


Carmella on the deck

On the way into town from the north we got our first surprise. A van pulled alongside the bus and the driver started waving at Jim. He said, “It’s Bob!” And indeed it was our very old friend Bob. We both pulled off and compared eclipse plans.

It was a good thing we had Jim’s dad’s car for the week and knew our way around; we ended up flying around the whole week. We did get a lot of stuff crossed off the list and a few problems solved. Worthwhile but whirlwind.

Jim’s dad made us another stained glass piece for our bus and now it hangs right below the one of the cats he gave us. We stow them while driving but we put them up when we sit awhile. He is 95 years young. Good genes, baby.
My friend Laura came out to the bus and brought some extra eclipse glasses. We had a good time catching up. It is very difficult to take pictures when you can’t see anything!

We got to see a ten year old tragedy solved when they found the remains of a girl who had been missing for over ten years. Seventeen year old Kara Kopetsky disappeared in 2007 and for ten years afterward this sign stood at her mom’s house in Grandview. They altered the sign after she was found.

We enjoyed Happy Hour at Nick and Jake’s for my birthday. Bleu cheese stuffed olives and ahi tuna! Yum. I am officially old now.

The skies over Grandview during our stay.

From here we are off to Marni and Eric’s in Mid Missouri for the total solar eclipse. We will likely stay there several days and catch up with Columbia friends. And ride bikes on the Katy Trail, of course.

When we left KC heading for our eclipse spot, another car pulled alongside and Jim said, “It’s Chris!” And our friend and neighbor from Kansas pulled over and we had an impromptu chat. First two times that has ever happened! We have gotten a couple emails from other travelers who said they saw us. I guess the bus is hard to miss.


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