The Sauk Rail Trail

Jim found this 33 mile trail and we booked ourselves into Black Hawk Lake State Park to ride it. Another great Iowa trail, paved concrete, very scenic. And very windy. We rode about 12 miles tp Carnarvon into a strong headwind, explored a little and headed back to the park. In the middle of all the vast crop fields, the little gem of Carnarvon is nestled.

We got some tea and explored the whole town which took about 10 minutes.

On the way back the wind was at our backs and we flew along. After a smoky evening, we set out for Sioux City to be parked where we can get over-the-air PBS to watch the Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary It’s a whole other story why we can’t get PBS on DirectTV which we hardly ever watch.

The Elks in Sioux City fit the bill nicely so we are hunkered down, catching up on work, playing ukulele, walking cats. We are about four days into the show and transfixed. Really well done.

Oh and there’s a bike trail here!

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