Valentine’s Day

We traveled along the Mighty Missouri River through the sand hills to Valentine, Nebraska, home of the Cowboy Trail and Ray and Win, more Texas friends. Last year we saw Win but not Ray and this year we saw Ray and not Win. She is in Denver working insurance adjustment for disaster relief and she is busy!

We settled in at Wacky West Travel Park where Jim and Ray played music every afternoon. We also hurt ourselves by eating at Milo and Max’s Mexican Restaurant, not once but twice. Lots of leftover food.
We took a tour of the town and Ray’s music store, where he actually sells everything under the sun. I scored this white Jesus plate and a leather vest. Thanks Ray!
Hail damage.

We rode the trail the first day, headed west from town. Just a few miles out we came to a sign that said “Closed for Public Use.” ??? So we turned around and rode about 20 miles east.

Along the Cowboy Trail.
Because everybody knows cows can’t read. On the way back the wind picked up and I got chased by the biggest German Shepherd I have ever seen. Fun!

One afternoon while the guys were playing music, Ray got a phone call from a couple wanting to get married! Apparently he performs weddings too. He didn’t have his “book” with him but knew what to do to make it legal so they came over with Grandma, their three kids and their paperwork to get married at The Wacky West Travel Park. Herman and Nicole have been together for fifteen years and just decided to get married on the spur of the moment. It was sweet to see them both tear up when reciting their vows.
Baby stayed in the car while the two other kids ran around and got stickers all over their clothes.

The cats had a good area to go outside and Carmella met some park dogs. This one is Scooter and they actually touched noses.
This was the camp dog who ran around and barked at her.
Saying goodbyes… Time to head for Denver before it gets too cold.
The sand hills were eerily foggy and mysterious.

We stopped in North Platte to have lunch and when pulling back onto the highway Jim started honking the bus horn. He said “It’s Ray!” He had left before us to meet up with Win halfway between Denver and Valentine. She works 12 hours a day seven days a week and this was her first day off.

The next day Jim got a call from Ray in the morning. He had seen us when he passed going home the other way and called Win to let her know we were just a few miles behind her so we could pull off and say hi. She waited for us on the shoulder then we stopped at a rest area to catch up a little bit. Pretty cool that we got to see her too. Perfect actually.
Now Win is back at work and Ray is on his way to Texas. We will meet up again soon.



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