Colorado Quick Trip

When we were in Valentine we were close enough to make a trip to the front range to see Ronnie and enjoy Colorado’s bike trails. I went to college in Ft. Collins and always love going back. We’ve known Ronnie since about 1992 and always have a fine time together.

We stayed at the Elks Lodge in Westminister this time to be closer to his place. The first night it was cold and rainy but we were toasty in the bus. It actually rained the next two days so getting the bikes out wasn’t really an option.

That night the house water pump quit working in the bus. No coffee, no showers, no tooth brushing…? Jim got a 5 gallon bucket from the tank so we could at least have some water to use. And coffee. He had a spare pump and figured he would put it in in the morning.

Morning came and it was rainy and colder. Jim started testing the voltage in the cabinet above the frig and found that the pump wasn’t getting power for some reason. A little more investigation and testing led to a bad fuse. Replaced fuse, pump working fine. And he didn’t even have to go outside to fix it!
At the Elks one day. A Ford panel wagon, not sure what year.

This Elks has a full blown RV park with a playground for Carmella. She loves those little playstations and always climbs all around on them. I almost got her to come down the slide!

While talking with Ronnie about how to get together he asked if we had ever used Uber or Lyft. He uses it when he wants to go out and have a few cocktails and not worry about driving. I had the Uber app but had never used it so we gave it a go. It worked great and is perfect for those times when you need a short ride but can’t bike for some reason like weather or traffic. I know we are late to the Uber party but it was seamless. You can even track the drivers in your area. Denver was the best place to try it out and we made several trips.

We arranged for an Uber to pick Ronnie up and bring him to the bus then another to get to a nearby Mexican restaurant that we had Yelped. We do use that app often. Guadalajara Mexican on 72nd St. got five stars with like 275 reviews. You have to be careful of those five star-two review joints.

Anyway this place was really excellent. Giant platters of delicious food, fishbowl size margaritas and good service. And ceviche! Of course we were stuffed and left with enough more food for three more meals. We went back to the bus and visited into the night, having the kind of direct, frank and freewheeling discussion you can have with good friends. Then we got Ronnie an Uber home. Shoulda gotten a better pic but we were too busy talking.

The next day we finally had some good weather so we broke out the bikes and rode the Little Dry Creek Trail, the Clear Creek Trail and the South Platte Trail. They all hook up; Denver has many miles of smoothly paved, well maintained trails.
Built in a floodplain, like many of the trails, the Little Dry Creek Trail was not dry due to the rain we’d been getting. Autumn is showing its face.
From Denver we headed to the Elks in Lamar. Eastern Colorado has its own special beauty and the skies are large and magnificent.

In Wild Horse, Colorado, where there was this church and a Post Office.

On the way to Lamar I discovered that Tikita’s eye was crusted shut and draining so we found a vet in Lamar who said her conjunctiva was inflamed but no laceration on the eye. We are giving her drops and it seems to be improving. Of course every time she gets her drops she wants a treat. So she gets one. Or two.

We have stayed at this Elks before; it adjoins a golf course, has a good view of the sunset and is almost always deserted. There was one other rig there but the people were always gone. Cats went out here too, chasing the tumbleweeds rolling across the lot. These two stick together when it cools down.
From here we plan to spend a few days at Clayton Lakes State Park where they have a lake, dinosaur tracks and internet. We were going to Black Mesa State Park in Oklahoma but discovered via our coverage map that we wouldn’t have internet, so we are going to Plan B.

It’s good to have a plan.


One comment on “Colorado Quick Trip

  1. Another great stop for you two! So glad Jim is handy… and I love that photo with the reflection of the goldfish eye!! Fun times!

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