New Mexico & The Pioneer Woman

We decided to spend a couple of days at Clayton Lake State Park in northeastern New Mexico.
It’s always good to have a plan and we found a good spot right on the lake but it was FREEZING! Literally had a hard freeze the first night. Everybody left after that and we had the place to ourselves.

We bundled up and took a short walk to see the dinosaur tracks in the park. They discovered them when they built the dam for the lake. It was a small area just below the dam. It was like a bunch of teenaged dinosaurs were frolicking in an area their parents told them to stay out of.

I made some really good lentil soup in the crockpot and that was perfect to counter the cold before we headed east to experience the phenomena that is The Pioneer Woman. I met and photographed her for an event in Kansas City several years ago before she became a super celebrity.

Since then she has not just a blog, but a show on the Food Network, her own magazine and a line of products distributed by Walmart. Then she bought a building in her hometown, Pawhuska, Oklahoma and made it into a store selling the same stuff that is in Walmart and a restaurant, pretty much a tourist destination. Oh, and now they have bought another building and are making it into a hotel. Like I said, a phenomenon of ambition. We were in the area, there is an Elks Lodge there and it was just a short bike ride into town.

We passed the ranch on the way into town and had to get a picture with the bus. I left a card in her mailbox. Ha!

The Elks in Pawhuska was a fine place to park. Kitties had lots of room to roam and hardly any people or cars. We love the Elks.
The next day we unloaded the bikes and rode into Pawhuska and The Mercantile. The building renovation is lovely and well done. We had lunch and didn’t buy anything except food. After all, you can get all that stuff at Walmart. It’s like a nice Walmart, but still Walmart. Hard to imagine how much cash she is raking in and they are already wealthy cattle ranchers.

It was a weekday and an off hour but we still had to wait an hour to eat lunch, which was OK but nothing to write home about. She is definitely a job creator, lots of people working there. All the people and activity has to be an economic boon for the town; I wonder how the locals like it. We bought some cinnamon rolls for Bill and Janelle, which was our next stop.

It’s one of those things like going to Graceland; once you’ve been you never need to go back.

On to Norman and a long overdue visit with Dos Okies.

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