Mineral Wells Otra Vez

We are wending our way back to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter. We know Texas is bereft of bike trails outside of the cities, so we decided to revisit the Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway in Mineral Wells, Texas for some final trail riding for the year. We still bike in Texas but on the road to the grocery store, sometimes with packs of dogs trailing behind us. The dog packs seem to have diminished since our first year. I guess that is why we have seen so many dead dogs along the road. Gotta remember to buy dog biscuits to throw at them to divert the attack.

There is a state park in Mineral Wells but we planned to go back to the Eagle’s Nest RV Park where we stayed last time when the state park was full. Bev, a single lady, runs the park and it is way above the valley floor for spectacular views. It is more expensive than the state park but she finagled us the spot (#4 if you go there…) we had before and we settled in for bike riding, sunsets and meteor showers. What a perfect place for all of these!
Bike riding commenced. We rode into the town of Mineral Wells and checked out the formerly bustling, now struggling downtown. From about 1880-1919 the town was booming from the people coming for the health benefits. Supposedly wells in the area had minerals to cure or improve many conditions and people rode the trains in droves to “take the waters.” Hotels were built, even a railroad. Hence the bike trail.
This once grand hotel, the Baker occupies an entire city block and is slated for demolition. It dominates the town skyline.

The trail has some flood damage but that just made it more interesting to ride. Ha! The larger gravel and ruts smoothed out and we had great rides in both directions with fantastic weather.
We planned a night at Camp Walmart in Lampasas before we land at the Elks in New Braunfels to visit Warren and Judy. They have a new house and two new puppies we gotta meet. We always have lots of fun with them.

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