Ladies Lipstick Day!

This post is sponsored by Anne Kinner an Independent consultant with Jamberry.
My first sponsored post!

Anybody who knows me knows that I am no fashionista or makeup person. Every once in a while I like to pretend I have eyebrows and put on some lipstick but that’s about it. Foundation? Nope. Eye make-up? Rarely. Heck, I don’t even like to wear clothes!

One of my friends on Facebook, Anne Kinner, is another full time RVer and a Jamberry consultant. Jamberry’s main product is nail wraps that come in all designs and colors. I am not a manicure person either (surprised?) so not real interested in those. I have never even had a professional pedicure, a fact that horrified my friend Cindy when I told her this summer. That’s getting fixed the next time we go to Mexico.

Anyway Anne said something on FB like “I wish I knew somebody who had a blog to review Jamberry’s newest product, a lip manicure. I said “I have a blog!” and the journey began.

She sent me a bottle of the lipstick with applicator and some of the preliminary lip scrub which exfoliates your lips and gives you a smooth canvas on which to apply the lipstick. She sent a very bold red called Daredevil and I started wearing it around the park to try it out. People definitely noticed.

I found that I really like it! The application process needs to be pretty exacting because this stuff stays on forever! In other words, put on your glasses when applying. You carefully outline your lips with the applicator and fill in the rest. I certainly don’t have Taylor Swift lips but it would be great for those who do. The first time I tried it, I drank water all morning, ate lunch and went to Happy Hour, all without any reapplication. It doesn’t smear your coffee cup like regular tube lipstick does and dries to a matte finish. I found that if I tried to apply lip gloss over it or even Chapstick, the smearing of the cup resumed. That is one thing I hate about regular lipstick.

With people noticing, I got the idea of introducing it to lady friends here by hosting a Ladies Happy Hour. We have a happy hour here every day somewhere so I started spreading the word. Anne sent me some swabs and the lip scrub for everybody to try it and we set a date. In the meantime I decided that I wanted more than one shade; they had a Black Friday sale and I bought all four colors, two bold, Cheeky and Daredevil and two more neutral, Charming and Coy. Anne also sent a bunch of her business cards with samples of the Jamberry nail wraps so people could try them out. They require heat and other tools so we didn’t sample them at the party but everybody took a card home. We were really ready now!


Party day came and it was rainy and cool for south Texas. We had secured an indoor space with tables and chairs and about 25 ladies showed up to try it. I told how this had all come about with the blog review and that I was hardly a beauty or fashion person, which they already knew. Elsie kept saying, “Of all people to give beauty advice…” Ha!

We used the individual swabs she sent, so no cooties, and dabbed the colors into the lid of the lip scrub to try all the colors. I had found that you couldn’t blend two colors together as you applied it, but you could mix them in the lid with some success. If you put one color on top of another, it just covers up; it’s that good.

I tried to mix Daredevil and Coy and came up with this:
This is Daredevil.
And yes, I know I am terrible at selfies.

We also took some pics of the ladies wearing it but I didn’t get everybody. It was interesting that the same color looked different on different people. It also seemed like some people weren’t using enough, you have to really paint it on to get the lasting effect.


Again, who am I to be giving beauty advice?

The consensus? Most people really liked it and we had fun. One lady said she was thinking of getting some for her working daughter because it is so long-wearing and non-smearing. Great idea!

So whether for a gift or a holiday present for yourself, consider trying Jamberry Lip Manicure. If you sign up as a Style VIP (I did!) for $15 you get 15% off and free shipping on all orders. If you decide to order anything, go to Jammin’ with Wendy. My party will be open until December 29 and when supplies run out, that may be it. I have a feeling that what I bought will last me a long time! Please understand that I am not selling anything, just spreading the word about a great new product. I’m glad I found it.
Click here for the direct link to the lip manicure.

If you are in the park and couldn’t make it to the Happy Hour, I still have all the colors, the scrub samples and the swabs to apply. And the nail wrap samples too. Come on over to the bus and see what you think.

Now about those Taylor Swift lips…


This post is sponsored by Anne Kinner an independent consultant with Jamberry.
All opinions are my own

2 comments on “Ladies Lipstick Day!

  1. My daughter-in-law is an aesthetician and has just started selling LipSense. It sounds similar, only there is a lip gloss that is the final locking step. The color I got is pretty bold, but if you can wear a bright shade, I can be that brave!

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