Movin’ On Down the 600s…

Here we are two months into 2018 already! We have been having some good and not-so-good weather but this week it will be back up into the 80s and 90s. When it gets down to 50 we all freeze. Spolied? Yes.

We have kept busy swimming laps, going to Mexico, doing yoga, attending happy hours and theater productions and dances and just hanging out with friends here in the park. And working… Jim’s house band has played several gigs to great response. They are sounding really good!

Oh! And we bought a house! Well, we won’t close or take possession until fall but we have made the deal. It is right next to where we are parked now and right on the dog park, which we renamed the Cat Park. The owners of the house refer to it as the Parade Ground. Whatever you call it, it is a nice open, green space. The location is key because it is in the middle of the park and not up against the outer fence where critters can crawl under and so can cats.
And we will have a garden, Thorn Thicket. The garden that I have served as substitute gardener for since our arrival here will be the kitties’ new domain. Stanley, the gardener, had already said they could visit anytime and it is really cute to see them triple file over to their respective hiding places to watch the birds and enjoy the quiet. We also have a purple martin house right out front.

It will be good for us too! Jim was worried at first that it was a little small for us. I reminded him that we have been living in a BUS for four years! It has a big screened porch overlooking the garden and an added on room for dinner parties. YAY! We can’t really have a dinner party in the bus and that is one thing I really miss. Problem solved. One bedroom, a full kitchen and salon as well as a washer and dryer! Comes fully equipped and furnished. Except Stanley is taking some of his garden tools, including his Mexican hoe. Gotta get one of those!

The current owners are building a house in Louisiana and when this first came on the radar we thought it would be about a year down the road, which would have been fine with us. They they stepped up their timetable and decided to go for it as soon as possible. Time is flying. So we worked out a deal where they can come back and forth while building their house and we will close and take possession in the fall when we return from traveling this season. When opportunity knocks…

We will keep the bus, of course, and continue to travel during the season. This year we are heading either west and north or north and west. We will most likely retrieve our five by eight foot enclosed trailer from the barn in Missouri where it is stored on the way back to Texas in the fall. I remember some of what’s in there like my dining room furniture and silver and dishes but the rest of it will be like Christmas morning. Or more likely, “Why on earth did we save that?”

We know that not only are we crazy, we are BIG BIG Lucky!
header 03-02-15.

6 comments on “Movin’ On Down the 600s…

  1. Where in TX are you? I’m heeding your advice and getting the Shingrix vaccine – thanks for spurring me on.

    Come up north this year! You should think about Quebec, PEI, and Nova Scotia.

  2. We are in Edinburg in the Rio Grande Valley. We made it to Vermont last year but had to be in Missouri for the eclipse. Heading west and north this year. I have the script for Shingrix but they don’t have the vaccine here yet.

  3. VERY cool, you guys!!!!!!! Love that you’ll have the garden and space to entertain, and you’re right next door to all your park buddies ~ touche!!!!

  4. Nice to here of your recent purchase. As mentioned , would be great to see you in Terrace,B.C. We are 2 -3 days drive north of Vancouver ,BC with some of the most wonderful scenery in N/A.

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