Tikita is a Tough Kitty

Now that the cats are getting some regular time outdoors in the garden, they came down with fleas! We treated Astrid and Tikita with stuff we had on hand but Carmella can only tolerate Revolution. So we ordered some of that and thought we were OK.

Tikita started losing weight and acting not quite like herself. Plus she was pulling her fur out and it was getting kind of patchy. I made her a vet appointment and it turned out she had had fleas pretty bad. The only time I can brush her is at the vet so I spent most of the time grooming her and pulling out the flea dirt. They said to only use Revolution so we doused her with that as soon as she got back to the bus.

They did lab work, $$$. The results were that she is anemic and had some elevated levels of liver enzymes that could be a precursor to liver disease. The vet thought her kidneys were enlarged but they came back normal so we are feeding her a high calorie food.

The vet wanted to follow up so we took her back. This time I brought the Furminator and another brush and was able to practically make another cat with the fur I got out of her. The vet wanted to do a sonogram to look for growths but it cost like $400 and there was nothing we could do unless we decided to do cat chemo. I had to ask, “Is that a thing?” It is indeed. I can’t imagine how expensive that would be and we would have to be in Austin or San Antonio to do it twice weekly. We decided to treat her symptomatically since she was much improved after the Revolution. That means a supplement, which looks like a treat but she doesn’t like them. I have to put butter on it to get her to take it. And I am giving her all the butter she wants! She had even gained a little weight by the second visit.

Her appetite is good, she loves her treats and she is drinking water, grooming herself and not in pain. She goes outside and explores the garden and we have had them hang out on the porch with us. Her fur is clean and I got out the flea dirt at the vet.

We are getting ready to hit the road for the season so her outdoor time will be more limited but the butter and treats won’t be. She is 14 years old and we want her to be with us as long as she can.

She is a tough kitty. Here she is in one of her favorite spots.

3 comments on “Tikita is a Tough Kitty

  1. glad she is ok , have to put flea medicine on haus every month, understand , get it from his doc…and gets grommmed .. love ya

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