Crystal Bridges Museum

The main thing we wanted to do in Bentonville is visit Crystal Bridges Museum. They have an extensive collection of all types of art. The museum was founded by Alice Walton, of the Walmart fame. She is worth 41 BILLION dollars!

We enjoyed the museum but as a friend pointed out it was basically built on the backs of low wage workers at Walmart. And who needs 41 billion dollars anyway? Wouldn’t one billion be enough? I would think so…

Anyway, while Jim went back to the bus to meet with the glass guy, I enjoyed as much as I could.

Some of my favorites:

Big Georgia O’Keefe exhibit opening May 26. Would love to see that.

A couple of Thomas Hart Bentons:

Rosy the Riveter by Norman Rockwell
Loved this black and white display room

Lots of contemporary art

One of my favorite shots from the cafe…
When I got back to my bike, this little lady was gracing the bike trail. When I asked her what the occasion was, she said “It’s my birthday!” I’m guessing her 15th.

On to Mid Missouri for Marni and Eric’s big annual party, Sinkhole de Mayo! Always lots of fun, plus Sandy and Carl are joining us for a few days of bike riding and fun.

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