Party on the River: Sinkhole de Mayo

Our longtime friends have an annual birthday party with lots of people, food and music. And a giant bonfire and fireworks. They spend all year building the bonfire and it is amazing. You can get an idea of the size by viewing the pair of pants hanging off the top left. Before…


The yard was decorated to the hilt with lights and flowers and kids blowing bubbles and playing croquet. The musicians played all afternoon and evening. The food was fabulous, as always, and included lots of vegetarian options, including this lovely salad served on one of Marni’s large platters. Many margaritas were consumed.
IMG_4371  IMG_4424

And the fireworks finale… More here and here.

We are parked by a nearby barn so we wouldn’t take up all the party parking with the bus.  Our view from the bus. Looks like a good ol’ midwestern thunderstorm coming in.

The next couple of days we rode the trail with Sandy and Carl. Turned over 3800 miles on my bike.

We will move into the lower garden spot and enjoy some more time here before heading to Kansas City and points west.

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