An Eyeful of Irises

After the big party, we moved the bus to Marni and Eric’s lower garden spot and are enjoying days of bike riding (about 100 miles so far), music at the local river venue and fresh veggies from the garden including lots of fresh asparagus. Yum!

This is one of our very favorite places to park. Not only is it beautiful, quiet and right by the Katy Trail but Marni and Eric are very good friends and sincerely welcoming. When we first set off in the bus five years ago this was our first stop. We were brand new at the bus deal and had new bikes with zero miles on them. Now we are more familiar with the bus life and the bikes have over 3800 miles on them!

When we left that first year Marni made a point of saying “You are welcome here anytime” and she meant it. That helped us get off on the right foot in the bus and we have been back every year since. Including for the total solar eclipse last summer. That was awesome!

Jim helped Eric tear down from the party, which is a very big job. I went bike riding with Sandy and Carl that day. We are getting in some excellent time visiting/catching up with them/listening to Eric’s new music in the aftermath.

Marni has spectacular iris beds and they are in full bloom now. I’m glad we decided to stay longer. She is quite the iris expert and it is fun to gain more knowledge about them from her. And they are great photo subjects.

And fun for iPad art too…

We will be here a few more days while some of the other specialty irises start to bloom. What a treat!

When we left our house and garden we brought some of Jim’s mom’s family peonies here for Marni to tend while we traveled and they are starting to bloom here too. We have hummingbirds at our feeder, the orioles are abundant and many other birds grace their feeders and gardens.

Our views from the bus…
To the west:
To the east…
The cats love it here; Carmella caught a mouse today and they are wandering around off leash. We try to keep them in the mowed area because of the ticks but a couple of times we have found them out on the trail. Bad kitties!
A few more days here and we will be off for the Elks Lodge in Grandview where we stay when we visit folks in Kansas City. Jim’s dad has been in the hospital and rehab so we are waiting a bit till he actually wants visitors. We have friends we want to meet up with and I always like to do a yoga class with my longtime teacher, Emily.

Then on to Colorado! Captain Ted, here we come!

4 comments on “An Eyeful of Irises

  1. Captain Ted is anxious to show off his MCI buses. Like Marni said, you are welcome here anytime. We are also anxious you show you our all too photogenic front yard. The old house was sold last Friday. We are now free to start a new lifestyle. Life remains good, as usual. Sorry, but I must mention this – F*** Trump.

  2. How wonderful to see all the irises in bloom! Mexico’s Yucatan has its blooms and charms but no bulbs and no irises! Fun travels….Reef

  3. I f you brush the kitties with a lint roller you would use on clothing every time they are outside, it will remove ticks

  4. Hey hey, another comment/question? Where do Marni and Eric live? It looks like your former area Missouri? Kansas? Summers and gardens are really beautiful farther north and I miss that, especially irises. I was a weird kid and in junior high school got super interested in tall bearded iris. I used to go to the competitions back then and had probably close to 200 varieties.

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