Biding Time in Blackfoot

Once we left Delta, we headed for Blackfoot, Idaho for a few days since we had been traveling almost every day. We had gotten Tikita treated in Utah and the vet there said we could probably do that once a month for a year and she should maintain. Her appetite was still good, constant actually, and she seems to have good quality of life. Loves her treats, going outside and cheek scratches.

We spent the first night in the Elks Lodge in Roy, Utah, where they drove the golden spike for the continental railroad. We didn’t see the spike since it is in California now but we got into the Elks and got situated. It’s a good thing we were a little early before the parking lot was packed for Bingo that night.
Before and After:

This was just a one night stop so the next day we proceeded to Blackfoot, Idaho for a few days at the fairgrounds. We had the place to ourselves and the kitties enjoyed their off leash time. Jim played ukulele. We were planning to leave on Sunday but decided to stay over another day in Blackfoot to take Tikita to the vet. Again.


I walked to town to get some ice. I walked and walked toward a Sinclair station but by the time I could see it, I could tell it was too far away to walk back and have any unmelted ice. So I walked back into town although we had been there the day before and didn’t see any likely spots but we did discover there was an Elks Lodge there that we didn’t know about. We have gotten ice at the Elks before so I gave it a shot. I rang the bell and a lady finally came to the door and said they weren’t open today. I explained that we were Elks and that I couldn’t find anyplace to buy ice. She agreed that everything was closed up and offered to give us some! I got two good sized Ziplocs and headed back to the bus. Gotta love the Elks! And I walked over five miles to get it!

Around town:

We had to go to the Idaho Potato Museum, of course. It is the small town, kvetchy kind of place we love. Much more lighthearted than the Topaz Museum and just what we needed. Lots of potato mashers, peelers and spikes to distribute the heat through the potatoes. I don’t remember those but I bet my mom had them. I liked the potato themed postage stamps from around the world the best.

And then we ate Mexican food. Again. We got back to the bus right before a big storm. And a nice sunset.

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