Normal in Norman…

IMG_6955We always stop and see our Okie friends Bill and Janelle on our way south. They had been on a short trip testing out their new T@b trailer so we holed up in Tulsa for Labor Day then headed south. We normally park at the Fairgrounds but the county fair was going on and they were closed until the 16th. We will be back in south Texas by then!

Janelle found RV parking with 50 amp hookup at the Lloyd Noble Center right near their house. We could stay two nights at a reasonable rate then the price shot up to $100 a night for the OU football game. And the forecast for the start of the game was 98 degrees at 6:00 PM. We planned to be outta there by then!

Since we only had two nights we had to make the most of it! Bill’s weekly music group met Wednesday night and Jim sat in. Before that we had a delicious dinner of King Casserole with all kinds of yummy sides, beans, guac, pico. Yum! Janelle is a great cook and even though I told them we would take them out, she insisted on cooking both nights. Twisted our arms…yes, she did.

They have also been the custodians of a few pieces of our old patio furniture that we just couldn’t part with when we sold our house five years ago. It belonged to my family in the 1960s when I was a kid. We had it powder coated and new cushions made and used it every day. We saved two cushioned rocking chairs and a small table that will work great on the porch of our little house. We cleared out a bay and it all fit perfectly! Once we got that squared away and in the bus, we headed to the Midway for lunch. The Midway is a great little sandwich shop and music venue in a residential neighborhood near them. What I remembered was that they have excellent potato salad. I made the mistake of ordering it and the Filipino Aboda. Both delicious but too much food! Saved it for another meal.

We went to their house and resumed catching up and playing with Taylor, their two and a half year old Australian Shepherd. He is a really smart and good dog and much calmed down from when we first met him a couple years ago. Jim and Bill played music while Janelle and I had a “toddy” and talked. Later, another friend, Carol, arrived. Her husband, John, was traveling for work, so we missed seeing him.

We got ready for another epic meal. But first we ate a delicious spinach artichoke dip that made us question our sanity about eating another big meal. We proceeded to have another gastronomical delight of grilled salmon and sausage, oven cooked potatoes and a salad. We were so stuffed that Jim and I didn’t even eat dinner the next night! What a treat!

Around the house…

We can always just pick back up with these guys, sign of true friends. Even though it was a whirlwind visit, we hope to meet up with them in Texas this winter and in Mexico in March. We try not to barge into town on short notice and force everyone to adjust to our schedule. Sometimes we just don’t know when we’re going to land somewhere. Better work on that. Need to work on our selfies too…

We said our goodbyes and headed out the next morning for another Corps of Engineer campground at Lake Texoma. It is still ungodly hot, almost 100 degrees every day. Still don’t believe in climate change?

Tomorrow we will aim for Weatherford to visit more friends from our winter park and see a large art exhibit of late work from Claude Monet at the Kimball Museum. Gary texted me about it months ago and we will arrive just in time to catch what promises to be a major show, 52 paintings. We love our art outings with Gary and Viv; it’s become a tradition and we are looking forward to it!


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