Sheltering in Place…

We were supposed to fly to Mexico today for a vacation. A REAL vacation, where somebody cooks for you and cleans for you and fixes your drinks. On the beach. People think that when we travel around in the bus that we are on vacation all the time but we still have to shop and cook and clean.

We were looking forward to meeting up with friends we met there, Michael and Bill and Janelle. They were flying in ahead of us and we would all cross paths for a few days in Xcalak. They had to cancel too.

Even though Jim bought trip insurance, American Airlines didn’t want to refund our flights. Of course they didn’t. They cancelled the flight from McAllen to Dallas but not the flight from Dallas to Cancun. How convenient. Our trip insurance didn’t cover a pandemic. We won’t have any problem with the deposit at our small hotel in Xcalak and we will rebook at some point. Jim managed to talk the airline into a full refund instead of rebooking before October, when we made the original plan. So that’s a good thing.

It probably worked for the best though. Besides the travel restrictions (Mexico had closed the border by then) we got a note from our host in Xcalak that the government was cutting off the sale of alcoholic beverages during the virus. WHUT?!! We are well stocked up here with no shortages looming.

We still don’t know what will happen with our already booked and prepaid trip this August to ride bikes and travel on a barge down the Danube. We have trip insurance for that too but who knows what the airlines will try to pull? And during this financial and health crisis, those giant companies that pay few USA income taxes are trying to stiff the little people, who maybe will get a whopping $1200 out of the money we spent in good faith.

Hidalgo County has finally issued a Shelter in Place order after the corona virus hit the county a few days ago. No group activities of more than ten people and six feet of social distancing required. Apparently somebody called the County on our park since they were continuing water volleyball and the end-of-season Olympics with lots of shared food and close proximity. The owner said she got a warning ticket and that people could decide for themselves whether to participate or not… I agree in theory, but if the sick people don’t stay home, the rest of us have to. Most of the big activities are finished for the season. We are staying at home, walking the cats, watering the garden, washing our hands and reading alot. Jim has been playing his new electric ukulele too. It’s a beauty and sounds great. More on that next.

One last dinner party…
We had to cancel another one when the Shelter in Place stuff took effect. We are following the rules. Why wouldn’t everybody?

Hope everybody reading is well, stocked up and happy. One day at a time.

2 comments on “Sheltering in Place…

  1. Hello Wendy and Jim, Isn’t it amazing how in less than a month all of our expectations have been turned upside down. I was sad to learn of the cancellation of your Mexico vacation. Ralph and I and our friends Jack and Sandy Jarratt have been planning a trip to Kauai in June (American Airlines flights, yikes). We were waiting for these flights to cancel before requesting refunds, but from what you have said, that maybe a pipe dream. This social distancing is most unpleasant, and sheltering in place is trying. I am already starting to snap at poor Ralph. We have been doing a lot of reading and Netflix watching. We are trying not to cry about the nose drive of the stock market. Sounds like you two are staying positive and making the best of a bad situation. Looking forward to more news from Mighty Bus. Betsy and Ralph

  2. Agreed, Croz: Why WOULDN’T everybody follow the rules? It’s a no-brainer.

    We’re hangin’ in down here, waiting for it to warm up a bit. I’m tiling the living room floor, so I’m IN anyway! Stay safe, you guys. Hugs to the kitties.


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