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We are new (over six! years in already!) to the bus thing, although Jim has done three frame-off classic car restorations, so we have a very small taste of what we are facing. Very small was right!
The bus is a 1981 MCI-9 conversion with a Detroit Diesel V692 engine. Check out my website for more stuff about us than you ever need to know. See more bus photos here.
The bus was “professionally converted” by the previous owner at B and B Coachworks in Las Vegas, where we picked it up on Memorial Day weekend of 2010. Jim will post periodically about the very intricate systems he has to deal with. He has already fixed the generator and the inverter, rewired the dash, added electrical outlets, lights, fans and countless other little and big things. If anybody can fix it, he can.
Since the above was written, he has completed every item on a very lengthy spreadsheet of fixes on the bus. One item being the dash and all it involved.  As of September 24, 2012, he is again dealing with the generator which kept throwing breakers. By October of 2013, he had completely rebuilt the generator. So the list continues. Of course…
We  own a beachfront lot in Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico and the bus idea developed after we considered building a house there, but decided not to. We figure we will may build a flat roofed shelter for the bus with a cistern underneath instead. That way when the hurricanes come, which they always do, then we can take our house with us instead of boarding it up and leaving it behind. We plan on taking it a lot of other places too.
At this point in our lives, we want to do things we haven’t done before. This is one of them.
We’ll see how it all works out.
This is 2011:
And 2014…

In June of 2014 we sold our house and hit the road full time. I retired from one of my car magazines. We have spent the last two winters in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. We headed west in the spring of 2015 and east in 2016.
Follow along!

16 comments on “About Us

  1. Congratulations and very nice blog. Enjoyed the pictures also. Laughed about how long it takes to get ready! So glad you got your bus and are working out the bugs. trust me even new buses and boats have a major list of problems. i like the blog against old-timers disease, idea. I blog so i can remember! Dave and Dori

  2. Hi Wendy and Jim
    Great blog. How fun! So glad the kitty came back. It would have definately have been a bummer. I love the Magic Bus! It came that color? Wow! Have fun guys! Sandy

  3. Your bus story appeared in The Journal News distributed in Westchester County, NY (approx 25 miles north of Manhattan). Quite an adventure you have created – and lots of planning & work, but it sounds like a great way to travel. After reading your article it gave me a totally new option to think about now that I am retired from my first career, esp since I do not fly! So I guess I am a “wanna be” buser.. thaks for spreading the word! Maureen 🙂

  4. Jim & Wendy – saw your bus in Blytheville this year but unfortunately did not meet you guys. Since then we have been following your blog and have enjoyed it! We own a 1974 MCI MC-7 Combo, we were parked at the other end of the street from you in Blytheville. We just saw the great article on you and your bus in the waterbury CT newspaper last weekend, full first page photo of you and the bus!
    We are in Woodbury CT and have space and electric for another bus if you are ever in the area.

    Bruce & Nancy Fagley

  5. Hi Guys – Came across your site just today via a facebook mate of mine. Great site. I just wanted to let you know something. We have been selling a lot of stuff around our home lately in preparation for going on the road full time early next year in our bus. I placed a heap of doors – french, federation bi fold etc on Gumtree to sell. I have sold most but not 4 beautiful Western Red cedar internal solid federation doors and I couldn’t understand why. Anyway after seeing you making overhead cupboards for your bus, it just clicked – we are going to pull apart all the doors and make the same. There should be enough in the doors to do all the overheads and now it might be us trying to buy more of the same doors to make other cupboards etc for our 1957 Flxible Starliner we have under conversion. Just wanted to let you guys know. Have fun out there – Larry and Maxine from the land of Oz. http://aussiestarliner.weebly.com/

  6. Hi Wendy,Your castor beans arrived today. They did, in fact, bring a smile to my face.
    Realizing that the plants can grow to 15 and 10 feet tall, and remembering the bamboo that was planted around the Viet Nam Memorial in Antioch Park which became huge and subsequently cut down, I am reluctant to plant your gifts in our small back yard.  Call me crazy. I am very thankful for the thought behind the bean seeds…I wish we had the space to plant them. I can picture your garden in Texas which, like the one you had in Kansas City, must be spectacular.  I especially remember your fine tomatoes!Ralph and I are trying to keep our spirits up in the midst of being quarantined to the house and witnessing the economic destruction around us. Luckily, the Johnson County parks are still open (but not the playgrounds and tennis courts) and we go for long walks in the aforementioned park (keeping a 6 foot distance from other walkers).
    I am sure you and Jim are bravely not going nuts (in spite of the behavior of our Commander in Chief @##$$$%%^&!!!!!!!!).  I picture you riding your bicycles and making music and cooking yummy things to eat.

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