Bus Linkage

This list will grow as we add links from other blogs and bus websites. Please feel free to request a link in the comments. And please link to this site if you see fit. Thanks!

Technomadia: Full Timers Chris and Cherie take Tech on the road.

Paul and Becky Lawry in their Dreamscape Eagle. They organize the most excellent Texas Bus Rally.

Louise Horner and Sean Welsh in their Odyssey. Sean is very knowledgeable electrically speaking. He has helped Jim with lots of stuff on the boards. They are transitioning to life on a boat now.

Texas Reflections Photography blog. Photographer Horst Kelly travels Texas.

BCM Bulletin Board. Lots of cool stuff here.

Bus Nuts Online Forum. Jim spends a lot of time here.

Night Coach News, a new blog by a new friend. She is transitioning from a quarterly newsletter to a blog. Stay tuned.

Ed and Claudia’s Roadtrip. They are full-timers we met this winter. They have been lots of interesting places. They have a sweet dog, Stella, who has met Carmella.

2 comments on “Bus Linkage

  1. Oh Jim – what a bad break for you! I sympathize, having recently gained a plate and some screws in a limb myself. You and Wendy will recover from this, but it won’t be easy – broken physical parts are very depressing for us (can I say it) seniors. Affectionately, Betsy and Ralph Holliday T

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