Friends We’ve Visited

We’ve mentioned before that a main reason for getting a bus was to visit our far flung friends. We started making a list of all the folks we have visited so we can remember. In more-or-less chronological order from before we sold the house.


A friend we met in Mexico. He has since sold his Florida compound and moved there!

Gaile and Ken
Gaile is a cousin I hadn’t seen since right after my dad died. We fixed that in January 2013. This is me and her.

Claudia and Dennis
Old friends from college in Columbia, Missouri who live in Michigan. Hadn’t seen them in many years. That’s Claud on the right with a friend.

Judy and Doug
Judy and Doug’s son, Calvin, let us park in his yard for Oldsmobile Homecoming even though he didn’t know us from Adam. I also got to see my good friend Shirley and son David on this trip.

Bob and Vickie
Jim’s cousin Vickie is married to the ultimate cabinet maker. Jim drew up the plans for our “charging cabinet” and Bob built it. We went to Indiana to have it finished and installed. We also saw his cousin Chip on this visit.


Mark and Marilyn

When we first moved into the bus we spent a few weeks at their place. It was a great send-off.

Marni and Eric
Eric and the baby oriole
These good friends live right on the Katy Trail. Marni said we could park there anytime. We saw them again in early 2016.

Cindy and Ed
At the 2014 FCA Convention, Ed said “I think the bus would look good in our driveway for a few days.” Be careful what you wish for!

Franklin hosts a one-day Oldsmobile show at his place in Ohio every year. The food is out of this world!

Janice and Gary
Janice is another college friend. We had dinner with them on our way to Philly. They are bicycle enthusiasts too.

Michael and Randy
Our good friends we met in Mexico. We visited them in 2012 and 2014. They graciously took care of our cats when we had to fly back for Jim’s mom’s funeral. So glad we saw them when we did. Randy passed away earlier this year.

Ganesh and Koruna
Ganesh is another old friend from Columbia. He was the head of Integral Yoga Institute when we spent a few days with them in Virginia.

Charlie and Dianne
Charlie was my boss and mentor in Maryland at Garden Gate Landscaping. I hated having to tell him we were moving to Kansas.

Jim and Annie
Good friends we made when we lived in Maryland. They are going to hit the road soon too!


Izzy and Miguel
A very old friend from Columbia that I hadn’t seen in probably 35 years. We had a great visit.

Jim & Wendy with Eddie, Zoey & I
Jim is the NAOC president. We stopped by his Rocket Ranch in 2015.

Char and Mike
We met them through the Oldsmobile club but Mike has a bus too. He was the inspiration for Jim. We parked on the street in front of their house in LA!

Joyce and Ed
I met Joyce and Ed on the Montana Tour. They have a great bus parking spot. Joyce makes really good margaritas! And coconut oil/aloe vera bars for the face. Ed makes really good Oldsmobiles.

Mike and Rita
Our next door neighbors for many years. We’re just happy to know them! We also saw Russ Long, fellow busser here.

Ramona and Ted
We met these guys through the FCA too. Captain Ted is the one who taught us to drive the bus. Ever grateful.

Bill and Janelle AKA Dos Okies
We met Bill and Janelle in Mexico too. Not only have we visited them, they came down to Texas both winters we spent there. We also got acquainted with new friends Carol and John when we stopped in Oklahoma. We will be back.


Judy and Warren
Warren is Jim’s cousin. We met up in Austin and had so much fun!

Andrea and David
We met in Kansas when David and Jim both worked for SAS. David still does, but maybe not for long!

Ellen and Howard
Howard is Jim’s main bus guru. He shepherded us through the early stages of bus ownership and always has good advice. They have been living in their bus for almost 25 years! We saw them again this year. Ellen fed us up good!

Joan and Pat
Pat has been my friend since I moved to St. Louis in fourth grade! We hadn’t seen each other in 42 years!

Another Columbia friend. When we told her in 2012 we were planning on moving into the bus she said, “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard!” She encouraged us to travel more and see if we liked it. We put off selling the house for a year and it was good advice.


She actually came to see us in the bus while we stopped in Marthasville, MO.

Bob and me. We go way back.
Bob is another longtime friend from Columbia. He came out to see us in the bus when we were in Kansas City. What a great surprise! We also saw a bunch of Jim’s family on this visit.

Linda and Phil

We knew these guys from our car club and had cocktails with them in KC.

Marilyn and Denise
Marilyn and Denise
Finally got to meet my third and fourth cousins while in Colorado in 2016.

Theresa and Bruce
We met these guys as Winter Texans. They took us on a grand tour while we were in Colorado this year.

LeRoy and Anne
Another full-time bus couple. We had a great visit in Golden Bell, Colorado

We met Ronnie through the Falcon Club and have been friends ever since. We saw him last year too.

Debbie and Greg
Debbie and Greg
Greg invited me on the Montana Oldsmobile Tour and we have been friends ever since.

We met Win and Ray as Winter Texans. He is an incredible musician and encouraged and taught Jim a lot. Win is pretty darn good too! We missed Ray.

We went to Avatan and saw:
Cindy & Jim
Frankie and Dick
Randy and Sue
Judy and Frank
Carolyn and Gary
Debbie & Jack

Back to Kansas City! We saw Michelle and Scott and Marg and Jay and John and Jackie.

Lake of the Ozarks!
Doc and J, Linda and Jack and Bob and Carma.

Dana and Julie
Longtime girlfriends who live in Fulton, Missouri

Linda and John
My old friend of 42 years! How is that possible? They live in Fulton too.

Sandy and Carl

I have known Sandy since sixth grade. We all went to high school together.

And my sister Cherie!
She lives in St. Louis too. Came out to the bus and surprised me!


Cher and Steve.
We met up in Alabama at Lake Lurleen in Alabama.

Sue and Richey
We toured Maryland’s Eastern Shore with them

Our beautiful spot at his place in Philadelphia. Also saw my sister, Tina there.

Bob and Cindy

They showed us a great time in Reading, Pennsylvania. We saw John and Mary and Sue and RIchey there too.

Elsie and John
We figured we might as well go to Massachusetts…

The Miller Cousins
Brent and Lana
Met up with my long lost Miller cousins in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Jim’s Family in Kansas City and Laura!

We ran into Bob on the highway into KC
And Pat and Chris on the way out!

Kathy and Joe  in Columbia, Missouri

Marni and Eric and Doc and J in Columbia
Eric  IMG_0227

Sue and Randy in Iowa

Into September 2017 we have visited with over 70 sets of friends, mostly couples. Several more than once. More to come!

We will keep adding to the list as we go along. Just thinking of our visits with all these wonderful folks warms my heart.

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