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Alice Thorsen of the Kansas City Star came out to interview about the bus in November 2013. She does a weekly feature Q&A in the Homes section. There was a link to the story but they didn’t use nearly enough photos. Ha!. Also to correct the article, we met in the early 1980s, not the 1970s! It got picked up by papers around the country. Here is a link to the story in the Killeen, Texas Daily Herald.

kc-star-1  kc-star-2
Untitled-6  Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Above photos all by KC Star photographer Keith Myers.
To fill in some of the gaps:

Stormy Jackson and the koi side right after painting. It turns out that she interviewed us on the exact day he finished a year ago. Here’s an explanation of the koi and dragon thing. Stormy filled us in on that; we’re so worldly like that…

Here is the story of how the paint job went down. And final photos.

This is the pantry Jim built in the empty closet. The tall slot is the broom closet naturally. A motion sensor light comes on when you open the door, unless we switch it off so kitties have privacy in their built-in litter box at the bottom, complete with cat door.
Update to 2014: The shelves are filled now and the cat box is used on a regular basis. Plus the new blinds are installed. They work great and look much nicer than the miniblinds. 

Speaking of cats, these cat waves have worked out great. We didn’t actually get them installed until a few days after we moved from the house but the kitties knew right away that they were for them. No floor space used.



These are our chairs; we seriously love them. The slide isn’t extended in this picture, but it adds about three feet of floor space, a big deal in a bus!

These are the dining chairs, a total impulse item Jim spotted when we went to look at the recliners for like the fourteenth time. They are comfortable and wear like iron.  

This is the new charging station/storage cabinet Jim’s cousin built for laptops, iPads, iPods, keyboards, all that stuff that formerly piled up behind the chair. He wired it, all 12 volt and built foam pockets for the devices. That’s Carmella under the chair. Jim posted about wiring the cabinet and building the pockets here.

More bus decor here. I need to take some updated pictures since we moved into it full time. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Mighty Bus.  Please feel free to poke around. This might be a good place to start; sort of sets the tone for the purpose of the bus in the first place. We started this blog so we could remember stuff we did and places we went for ourselves, and four years in, I am glad we did. And documenting the progress of the work Jim has done on the bus has been invaluable.

We usually update when we travel or Jim fixes something. Which is fairly often.

Update 2014: We sold the house and live in the bus full time now. It is really a good thing Jim did all the work he did; it is really paying off.


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  1. I met you two at mcginitys wood oven pub in Divide, Colorado June 2016. Thank you for giving me your card so I could look at your website! You have a beautiful life!! I hope to see you again one day!

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