More of the Same Mighty Bus News

I got a message on Facebook from another couple with a bus that the article about our bus ran in a paper in Washington State. I checked out The Daily News article here. They actually show more photos, one of each shot the photographer took. The text is the same. This paper serves the Lower Columbia River area in Washington state, which is where we bought the bus. I wonder if the former owner will see it!

Then I discovered that another newspaper, The Leader Telegram in Wisconsin picked it up. I hadn’t even thought about it being syndicated! They only used one photo. And another one in San Luis Obispo, which ran no photos. As our friend, Wilbur said, “It’s funny how much smaller the world gets when you have a bus!”

Here are all the pics by KC Star photographer Keith Myers:


This was the first shot he took. We had to move the bus so there was no white sky in the background, then hop onto the breakfast bar to get ourselves out the window far enough to light. Good thing we do yoga!


The koi side doesn’t get much attention since it usually blocked by the pines against the driveway. This is actually before we moved it for the window shot.


This was the lead shot in the KC paper. It had been pouring down rain all day before he got there. It stopped raining right before he came and after he got the exterior shots done, it started pouring again. Good timing!

Untitled-5  Untitled-6

The interior shots. The sink? Really? Maybe because of the granite, which we would never have installed! Ha!


The bedroom with quilt by Marg Higgins. She was thrilled about being mentioned in the feature. We also have a cool wall hanging in the salon that she made. I’m glad we got them when we did, she has a show up at Darling Yoga and her prices have gone way up! Next improvement will be the new blinds and valances. We have already ordered the blinds and Jim will build the valances this winter. Stay tuned!

We can tell from the blog stats where visitors came from so will keep an eye out to see if any more papers picked it up. I guess this is the bus’ fifteen minutes of fame!

The original link to the story in the KC Star is gone but this one works. .


5 comments on “More of the Same Mighty Bus News

  1. Wendy & Jim, I Am So….Happy That Your Awesome Bus Has Been Noticed By The World. Its Cool !!
    It Was Real Nice To Meet You Both In Blytheville Ar.
    I Look Forward To Our Next Visit.

  2. Hi Guys,
    I just saw a write up about your story on the bus today Nov.30 in the Buffalo News,Buffalo N.Y.. Great story.

  3. Hi there! Read about your bus in the Stockton (California) Record! Love the art on the sides of the bus! Your story is very inspirational! I’ve always wanted to convert a school bus!

    Keep the stories coming!

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